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International Arbitration Center issues Guide to Virtual Arbitration

1 de mayo de 2020

The AmCham Peru International Arbitration Center continues to offer its services for the organization and administration of the arbitrations remotely, through the use of electronic means and the holding of hearings through virtual platforms.

This situation requires the adoption of measures aimed at promoting and facilitating the electronic handling of all pending arbitration cases, as well as those cases that may begin as of the date.

For this reason, the Center’s Arbitration Court has issued a “Guide to Virtual Arbitrations” and has requested the parties and arbitration tribunals to make all necessary efforts to continue with their arbitrations virtually, according to the circumstances of each case.

The Virtual Arbitrations Guide has been conceived so that its guidelines can be adapted to all arbitration matters, including those cases in which the Peruvian State is a party.

This Guide contains guidelines for electronic processing that focus on the following aspects: (i) submission of new arbitration requests, (ii) electronic communications and notifications, (iii) appointment of arbitrators, (iv) adaptation of rules for each arbitration, (v) conduction of virtual hearings and (vi) issuing of awards.

For those cases beginning on or after May 1, 2020, the Center has amended its Arbitration Regulations, including express provisions that facilitate the virtual processing of arbitration cases submitted to its administration. It is estimated that, from the setting of the schedule for the proceedings, a virtual arbitration should not take longer than 10 months.

The Center reaffirms its commitment to improving its institutional framework to arbitrations, through international standards that seek to satisfy the needs for adapting to the speediness of commercial transactions, including with the virtualization of arbitration proceedings.